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Grid Power

Grid Power is an energy system added by Extra Utilities 2.

In addition to, or instead of Redstone Flux, some Extra Utilities 2 items require Grid Power. Unlike other energy systems, Grid Power is player-specific, wireless, range-less and cannot be stored. Any generators placed will be linked to the player that placed them and contribute to that player’s Grid Power pool. Grid Power can be shared with other players using the Power Sharing Command.



GP generators add to the player’s pool of power. Some GP consumers use a fixed amount of GP (e.g., the Ring of the Flying Squid). In other consumers such as the Resonator, consumption varies. GP consumption is summed and if consumption is greater than production, everything stops. For example, consider a player that has ten Lava Mills that generate a total of 20 GP. The Resonator draws a variable amount of GP, up to 8 GP. If the player crafts a Ring of the Flying Squid (16 GP), their total power requirement would be 16 + 8 = 24 GP. If the Resonator is not being used, the Ring of the Flying Squid works normally. However, crafting some Stoneburnt draws up to 8 GP. As soon as the Resonator tries to draw more than 4 GP, the Resonator and the Ring of the Flying Squid will cease to work. Extra Utilities machines which do not directly use GP (such as RF generators) will cease to function if more GP is consumed than produced.


If too many of one particular type of GP generator is used, those generators become less efficient. Efficiency is 100% until the total GP produced by that type of generator exceeds a specific limit, upon which efficiency drops; there is usually more than one threshold, and the efficiency will continue to drop in steps as further thresholds are exceeded. To see these thresholds, which differ by generator type, hover over a GP generating block in an inventory and check the tooltip. Efficiency ultimately puts a limit on the amount of GP one particular type of generator can efficiently produce, forcing a player to build a number of different types of generators if they want large amounts of GP.

Earlier versions of Extra Utilities 2 do not have the efficiency mechanic.


Generators produce Grid Power through a number of methods unique to that type of generator. They contribute directly to the player’s pool of Grid Power without any wires or connectors, so a generating block can be placed anywhere that is suitable. However, due to the nature of Grid Power, players will want to keep chunks with generators loaded. Chunkloading of generators is absolutely essential for devices which are carried by the player, such as the Angel Ring.

Starting Options

A player must build one or more of these generators first in order to power a Resonator, which allows the player to produce items that are required to craft the other generators.

The Manual Mill generates 15 GP. It is operated by right-clicking the mill. Turning or walking away from the Manual Mill will stop power generation.

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Retrieval Node (Items) (Extra Utilities 2)

This page is about the Retrieval Node (Items) added by Extra Utilities 2. For other uses, see RetrievalNode (Items) .

Retrieval Node (Items)
Mod Extra Utilities 2
Type Solid block

The Retrieval Node (Items) is a block added by Extra Utilities 2, and is the «pull» version of the Transfer Node. When attached to an inventory, it will search through Transfer Pipes for another inventory that has items in it. If it finds an empty inventory, or doesn’t find an item that it can pull according to its Item Filter rules, it will restart its search.

The Mining Upgrade, Speed Upgrade and Stack Upgrade can also be added to the Transfer Node (Items) to increase its capacities.

Upgrade Effect
Upgrade Mining No effect.
Upgrade Speed Increases the Transfer Node’s speed.
Upgrade Stack Increases the Transfer Node’s number of items pulled.

Adding upgrades will cause the Transfer Node (Items) to use Grid Power (GP). Different upgrades will use different amounts of GP.


Tips and Tricks

  • Both Transfer Nodes and Retrieval Nodes search through Transfer Pipes slowly, only 1 block per second
  • Transfer Pipes that are marked one way will block a Retrieval Node’s search path, regardless if they’re painted in the «right way». (Might be a bug)
  • Retrieval Node searches pick a direction at random if they find a pipe junction (where three or more pipes meet)
    • They also don’t remember their previous path, so it’s very likely they’ll go down the same path several consecutive times
  • Retrieval Nodes continuously search the transfer pipes, while Transfer Nodes only search the pipes if there is something in their buffer.
  • Given their relative Expense (1/2 Emerald and 1 Ender Pearls per Retrieval Node) you may be better off using mostly Transfer Nodes in your inventory system

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Culinary Generator (Extra Utilities 2)

This page is about the Culinary Generator added by Extra Utilities 2. For other uses, see Culinary Generator .

Culinary Generator
Mod Extra Utilities 2
Type Machine

The Culinary Generator is a block added by Extra Utilities 2. It produces Redstone Flux (RF) from food. The amount of RF it produces depends on the food. Foods with high saturation and food values produce more RF/t. As with all Extra Utilities 2 generators, Speed Upgrades can be added to increase the fuel burn rate.

The total amount of RF a given food produces as well as how fast are given by the following formulas:

  • RF is the total amount of RF the food will produce
  • RF/t is how much RF is produced every tick
  • value is how much hunger the food replenishes (in half shanks), with a bonus if the food applies Instant Health, Saturation, Regeneration, Absorption or is a Golden Apple
  • saturation is the food’s saturation ratio, with a bonus if the food applies Saturation

Both values are then soft capped, RF produced at 64 000 and RF/t at 64. This means that any point above the cap’s value is halved, any point above twice the cap’s value is divided by 3, any point above 3 times the cap’s value is divided by 4 and so on.


Fuel data

How much RF a given food generates can always be seen with Just Enough Items or by mousing over it in the Culinary Generator’s UI. Below is a list of foods from vanilla Minecraft and Extra Utilities 2 showing how much RF they produce and how long they last in the generator:

Input Burn Time in seconds RF per item RF output per tick
Apple 15 9,600 32
Mushroom Stew 30 28,801 48
Bread 30 24,000 40
Raw Porkchop 15 7,201 24
Cooked Porkchop 40 51,200 64
Golden Apple 58.55 65,601 56
Golden Apple 54.45 104,534 96
Raw Fish 5 1,600 16
Raw Salmon 5 1,600 16
Clownfish 5 800 8
Pufferfish 5 800 8
Cooked Fish 30 24,000 40
Cooked Salmon 40 38,400 48
Cookie 5 1,600 16
Melon 15 4,800 16
Raw Beef 15 7,201 24
Steak 40 51,200 64
Cooked Chicken 30 28,801 48
Carrot 30 14,401 24
Potato 15 2,400 8
Baked Potato 30 24,000 40
Golden Carrot 60 57,601 48
Pumpkin Pie 15 19,200 64
Raw Rabbit 15 7,201 24
Cooked Rabbit 30 24,000 40
Rabbit Stew 33.35 48,000 72
Raw Mutton 15 4,800 16
Cooked Mutton 40 38,400 48
Chorus Fruit 15 9,600 32
Beetroot 30 4,800 8
Beetroot Soup 30 28,801 48
Magical Apple 15 9,600 32

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