Dungeon quest как получить экскалибур

Excalibur Quest

Excalibur is a cosmetic that is currently exclusive to vCaffy, jCaffie, and Black_Smith. However, the Excalibur quest may allow players to obtain this cosmetic. The quest started on 2019-15-09. It was released along with a tweet from Black_Smith: are you worthy? Attached in this tweet is a picture of all 6 of the beams of light shooting into the Crystal. Currently, 5 beams of light are known to be available in the main lobby (Lobby 1). These beams can be obtained by doing the following things:

  1. Completing the Tutorial, which activates the green runestone.
  2. Completing the secret obby and touching the yellow crystal, which activates the yellow runestone.
  3. Obtain 3 cosmetic sets from dungeons, which activates the cyan runestone.
  4. Own a Tier 30 raid key, which activates the dark blue runestone.
  5. Collect the secret eggs from Desert Temple to Orbital Outpost, which activates the purple runestone.


Tutorial Beam

To access the tutorial, turn right at the spawn and step into the green ring. Doing so will prompt you with whether you want to go to the tutorial or not. Pressing yes teleports the player to the tutorial area. In the tutorial, the player is level 1, regardless of their previous level. At the end of the tutorial, you will face a boss. After that, teleport back to Lobby 1, and the green runestone will be activated.

Secret Obby Beam

From spawn, head left to a tunnel area. Climb over the rocks, and go to the end of the tunnel. You’ll be teleported into an obby style area. Complete the obby and touch the giant yellow crystal at the end to activate the yellow runestone. You will also unlock the Explorer cosmetic title.

Cosmetic Beam

Simply having 3 dungeon cosmetic sets will activate the cyan runestone. Dungeon cosmetic sets (title and armor) can be obtained from Nightmare difficulty at a low chance, with each dungeon having its own set. Halloween and Egg Island cosmetics do not count toward this beam. Dungeons with the fastest clear times, such as Winter Outpost and The Canals, are recommended if one is trying to obtain dungeon cosmetics.

Key Beam

In order to activate the dark blue runestone, the player must own a Tier 30 Boss Raid Key. Raid Keys can be obtained from completing the Steampunk Sewers map on Nightmare difficulty, and can be upgraded by completing Boss Raids.

Egg Seek Beam

In order to activate the purple runestone, players must seek eggs in dungeons Desert Temple — Orbital Outpost.

Egg Tutorial

Desert Temple: In the spawn room, behind the start, there is a hole in the corner. The egg is at the end of the path.

Winter Outpost: In the fifth room, the egg is behind the shed.

Pirate Island: In the third room (the room after Captain Blackbeard), there is a cave to the left of the first two sets of enemies. At the end of the cave is the egg.

King’s Castle: Behind the throne of the King resides the egg.

The Underworld: In the second room, you can go inside the spike in the top left corner of the room, which is where the egg is located.

Samurai Palace: In the room just before the Rock Golem, there are two barrels behind a set of Shuriken Throwers. Climb on top of the left one and try to fall into the barrel. The egg is inside the barrel.

The Canals: In the 1st room, go between the blue and pink buildings. After turning a corner, you can find the egg. There is another turn in there, but nothing is on the other side.

Ghastly Harbor: On the island just before the Sea Serpent, there is a cave beside the sand on the other side of the walkway’s beginning. At the end of the cave is the egg.

Steampunk Sewers: When arriving at the Cannon Blaster 2000’s room, go to the right of the stairs, then walk under them. The egg resides there.

Orbital Outpost: In the 1st room, just after the first set of enemies, instead of going left to continue the dungeon, go right. The egg is just on the other side of the small guard rail.

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